Never trust free fruit
And the worry cracks a fracture from your hip to your chest
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#look at his face #he’s just like ‘DAMMIT EMMA’ #’I told everyone you were the savior. you’re the one who’s going to save us all and break the curse.’ #’and you don’t know what a fucking sword is?’ #’I mean what does it look like? a leather jacket? we all know you have a fetish’ #’jeez I have a reputation to mantain here.’ #’okay it’s okay. I can turn this around.’ #’your father’s sword.’#’BAM! now it’s poetic.’ #’you’re welcome dearie.’ #’I’m starting to have doubts about sending you to fight a dragon.’

This is ten minutes before she walks into the building with “LIBRARY” printed over the door and asks “what is this place?”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Saviour.

Hers is not to reason why, hers is but to do and die.

Don’t need to be overly endowed with brains to do that XD

  #emma swan    #not the brightest spark in Storybrooke    #Henry's dad must have been in mensa or something    #to counteract those genes in Henry himself