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Fic: Shoot The Messenger

Title: Shoot The Messenger
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and mentions of drug use
Summary: Belle gets a call from her dealer ex-boyfriend, and winds up bargaining with a drug lord known only as Mr Gold for forgiven debts. He needs collateral, and she needs a job.

AN: Written as a reward for my Spice Girls!AU challenge for someontellted, (who wrote a hilarious AU). Yes, it’s twice as long as expected. No, you shouldn’t be surprised.


Belle has never met the man they call Mr Gold, but she’s sure as hell heard the rumours.

Queen did business with him: Gold was her supplier, and she passed the goods along to the customers. The man on top doesn’t deal with the trash at the bottom: rumour has it he’s got a son in high school and a life in the suburbs, a nice little set-up, all legit and businesslike.

Belle’s never met the man, but the idea of doing so terrifies her.

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