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Fic: Cloaked in Fairy Tale

Title: Cloaked in Fairy Tale (Boltholes and Safe Spaces)
Rating: PG-13, maybe the slightest bit mature at the very end
Summary: Gold likes to tell Rose bedtime stories, and his wife and daughter have a favourite character in his tales.

Marchie prompted: Rose gets a pet bunny; A quilt her mother made


Emmett Athens has a puppy.

This everyone in the Gold household knows. Emmett Athens has a puppy named Peggy, and Rose is utterly entranced.

Unfortunately, Belle is not. Rose wants a dog as badly as she wants ice cream for dinner and to be allowed to build mud-pies outside from dawn until dusk, but she cannot have one.

Her mother starts to sneeze uncontrollably when she’s around them for more than a few minutes, and while Rum would love to grant his daughter anything she desires, he’s not willing to risk Belle’s health for it.

So he buys his girl a rabbit instead. The thing has long dark floppy ears and a mottled brown and gold body, and Rose calls him Spinner.

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