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Fic: Cuffed

Title: Cuffed
Rating: very NC-17
Summary: Rumple’s knack with handcuffs comes in handy.

A/N: A smut piece I’ve been working on for months and never got finished, now done and dusted in honour of my lovely twin! ASSISTANT DIRECTOR AND SHE’S JUST A FRESHMAN THAT DESERVED SOME CELEBRATING OK.

It’s set in some nebulous time after ‘Crocodile’ but before ‘Outsider’. So maybe around ‘Cricket Game’.


Belle slept over last night.

Rumpelstiltskin can barely believe it. It’s been months since she strode out of the mines, since he told her the truth and said goodbye. He had honestly assumed, in that moment, that he’d never see her again. Or worse, that she would be a private ghost, someone desperately yearned for, seen every day, from whom he was always barred.

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OUAT: You never know a character until you've seen the whole story. Until you've seen what they're hoping for and what they've come up against and where they're coming from. You can't know who you're looking at until you've seen where they've come from.
Fandom: Or until you've seen them stood next to Cora.
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Ficlet: Ashes and Lime

Title: Ashes and Lime
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 2x15 ‘Manhattan’

A little Nealfire ficlet for Celina, who prompted ‘Neal’s pov from after Emma leaves him at the bar’. This came out a lot more Rumple-centric than Swan Thief, but it’s all there!


There’s not a lot I remember about my father that doesn’t suck

Emma’s face when he’d said that… gods above, it was the weirdest mix of understanding and horror that Neal had ever seen. As if she hadn’t, all those years ago, been the only person in this whole fucking universe - this world, and the last, and knowing his luck, the next as well - who could see through all his own bullshit. As if she believed him.

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I had the angstiest idea for a Snowing video ever.

Probably because I feel like these two are headed for serious relationship issues and maybe even a temporary break-up and I kind of love it. I ship them so hard but they’re more fun (and actually a bit smarter) when they’re angsting. I want their relationship to have problems of its own, without Evil Queens/curses/evil Kings/trolls/anything else to blame it on.

Problem is, I can’t vid. Maybe I’ll have to fic instead.

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Fic: Reasons

Title: Reasons
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bae’s teacher offers to come over and fix his computer over the winter break; they get snowed in.

A/N: pure happy fluff to celebrate one whole year of Rumbelle. Remix of ‘Chalkdust’, but no need to read that first. No FTland backstory, Bae is twelve and Belle is his teacher.


This was a bad idea, Gold thought, a bad, bad idea.

But Bae had computer trouble, and it was beyond even his extensive skill to fix. His father was no use: Gold hadn’t even a computerised till at the shop, and did all of his accounts by hand: he wouldn’t know a keyboard from a modem if they walked up and introduced themselves.

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To be honest, there’s a lot of (awesome) talk about what should happen when Ariel appears on Once.

So instead of adding to that, when Marchie’s pretty much covered all the best kind of ground with it, I’d like to put another matter forward: Sebastian.

I’d like to put in a bid for hot, as shirtless as possible and with dreadlocks. Something along the lines of

Because I know it’s a Twilight promo shot but come on, can you imagine him singing Under The Sea?

If Once can give me a sexy Sebastian I’ll be happy :D

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Fic: Of Bracelets On Cola Bottles

Title: Of Bracelets On Cola Bottles
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Swan Thief (Emma/Neal)
Summary: They give each other gifts, when they can: books and clothes and, ultimately, a baby.

A/N: Super-belated birthday fic for the completely awesome Celina! I hope you like it, love!

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Fic: Harmless - Chapter 13

AU: Belle arrives, bruised and bleeding, on the doorstep of a lame spinner and his son. On the run from the war and its causes, her short stop-over becomes something else entirely.

A/N: It’s been months and months, I know, but here it is! Because this fic is nominated as Best Woobie!Rum in the TEAs, and I thought that deserved another chapter. So enjoy dearies!

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 14 -  Chapter 15 - Chapter 16


Chapter 13


Rumpelstiltskin wishes, oh how he wishes, that he had been the one to volunteer to go alone, and that Bae could have stayed with Belle.

Someone has to go to collect their cart and horses, and splitting up is safer than travelling together. But logic does little to soothe Rumpelstiltskin’s mind.

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Fic: Stranger (6/6)

AU: Belle remembers everything about their old life, and finally gains freedom from her asylum prison. But Rumpelstiltskin is nowhere to be found: in his place is an oblivious pawnbroker who is as cursed as everyone else in Storybrooke.

A/N: And here we have it, the grand finale. This story really is my baby, and I’m so glad so many of you followed it with me. I hope you enjoy the ending!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Gold had assumed that, when the time came for Belle to come out of his home and into the world, he would be the one holding her hand, leading her, showing her.

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Fic: Stranger (5/6)

AU: Belle remembers everything about their old life, and finally gains freedom from her asylum prison. But Rumpelstiltskin is nowhere to be found: in his place is an oblivious pawnbroker who is as cursed as everyone else in Storybrooke.

A/N: Second to last chapter, dearies! :D

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The tenth day dawns fresh and bright, and Gold is loathe to leave Belle alone.

Their past few days have been idyllic: they spent time together in her new garden, weeding and watering, allowing the new seeds to flourish under her patient hands. They cooked meals together, are together, made love on the couch and their bed with equal vigor. It had been perfect, and she had not allowed anything to come in and spoil it. She is trying, really trying, and he loves her more with every passing day.

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Fic: Off The Path; Into The Dark

Title: Off The Path; Into The Dark
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruby/Gold (NOT Red/Rumpelstiltskin)
Summary: Ruby’s hot and Gold is bored, and it’s all too easy to lure a girl from the path and into the woods. What if Ruby really was Little Red Riding Hood, and Gold was the wolf? Set in Storybrooke, pre-season 1.

A/N: this is a birthday present for my glorious dragonmama Marchie. Redgold is an idea we’ve been playing with for a while, so I thought it was a fitting gift.

The first time it happens, it’s most definitely his fault.

She’s only twenty, after all, and a waitress. She barely graduated high school, for God’s sake, and she’s not known for her responsible decision-making. Ruby can’t be faulted for being left alone with an attractive older man, with his sly smiles and gleaming eyes. No one blamed Red Riding Hood, after all, for getting caught by the wolf.

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LBD!Wickham is slimier than the original.



This sounds like it needs to be a crossover, in which Gigi is Belle’s younger cousin.  And when Belle finds out her cousin was hurt, she’s upset. And when Belle’s upset…

I tripped and then there was fic.

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Fic: Saturday Morning Redux

Title: Saturday Morning Redux
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He has to see her one last night, one last time, before the end of their world.

A/N: It feels a little strange to leave a series that was basically a sex story on such an innocent note, but this was the only way it could finish, really. This is the chronological end of the Time of Day series, which is kind of a milestone for me. This story comes after Friday Afternoon, chronologically.


He was standing outside Belle’s house at five in the morning.

He couldn’t knock, or call, or throw a stone like he had once upon a time. He wouldn’t do that to her.

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Your headcanon is flawless! I love that idea, that Regina thought she would end up as Rumple’s queen. Love, love that idea!

To be honest, she’d have a point. He did say ‘we’re back where we belong… together’. He used her desire to belong, to have someone to belong to, to manipulate her completely. He was the strongest father figure she’d ever had, yes, but he was also seductive, doing an imitation of Hook (the best example he had of a sexy villain) to corrupt the innocent young woman and draw her away from the goodness she was striving for.

He made her believe they were meant to be, that she was wanted. Not as a tool, or a chess piece, or even just as an apprentice. He made her feel as if she was special in her own right, purely so she would do as he said. Faced with that reality, that he had never really wanted someone like her, not in the sense that Rumpelstiltskin wants Belle, then she is bound to feel betrayed and angry.

I think, in a very twisted way, Regina loves Rumpelstiltskin. To her, he is her strongest father figure, her master, and the only person who ever really had a place for her, made her feel she belonged. I don’t think at all that that love is mutual, but I think he was there when she needed someone to cling on to, and she clung to him, and he engineered it so that she would. Part of their redemption arcs, I think, is going to have to be her letting go of that, and him apologising to her for making it happen in the first place.
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Fic: Stranger (4/6)

AU: Belle remembers everything about their old life, and finally gains freedom from her asylum prison. But Rumpelstiltskin is nowhere to be found: in his place is an oblivious pawnbroker who is as cursed as everyone else in Storybrooke.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Ten days, she promises, and what days they are.

He’d been wrong, it seems, about Belle not staying for the after. In fact, it seems she has suddenly woken up, life and energy sparking from her fingertips, and the very air in their house is alive with her, shimmering and bright.

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