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Fic: An Honest Day’s Work

Title: An Honest Day’s Work
Rating: T
Summary: Rumpelstiltskin’s cursed persona in Storybrooke is not the powerful Mr Gold but Gaz, an out-of-work factory worker and the ex husband of Mayor Mills, who has custody of his son. Out of desperation to earn enough for a real custody bid, Gaz finds himself an honest job - a cleaner and handyman for the town’s landowner, Ms French. 

Or, that one where Gold’s Storybrooke personality is Gaz from The Full Monty.

A/N: I worked on this over a year ago, and then set it to one side because of reasons. However, I like it as a snippet/oneshot, and Straggle had some bad news today, so here’s some cheer-up fic - the closest thing to Anyelle my crossover-phobic muse can create! Enjoy bb!


“Gareth Gold?” Annabelle looked up from the CV to the man in front of her, frowning, “Really?”

He nodded, looking earnest and serious. It didn’t suit him. Anna could tell time wasters a mile off - it wasn’t easy, after all, to be a woman running a business, even these days - and this guy had it written all over him.

Waster, joker, layabout, wheeler-dealer. 

“Gaz, actually,” he said, with a little smile. She supposed it was supposed to be charming: wonderful, he was also probably also a self-proclaimed ladies’ man.

“Right,” she smiled back, “Gaz.”

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Title: Of Night Owls And Swansongs

Rating: R
Summary: "You think I’m the Saviour, Henry? Well he was. Your father was a real hero." - What if Emma hadn’t been lying when she told Henry that she’d met his father while working in an all-night diner, when Neal was training to be a fireman?

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Prompt: While cleaning the Dark Castle, Belle accidentally stumbles into a room to find Rumpelstiltskin tailoring what appears to be a blue dress. She begins to wonder if all the clothes he provided her were made with his own two hands.

For some reason, it feels important that Belle’s clothes be perfect.

Rumpelstiltskin has never had a maid before - his choice to take Belle had been more about the taking than the having, truth be told. And now she has set a prisoner loose, and they have to venture into the world.

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Title: Wild Youth
Rating: T
Summary: Belle is Peter’s and the Lost Boys’ “Mother,” beloved and needed, and so it’s natural for her to care for Rumple, the newest and most timid of the boys. But feelings in Neverland are hard to hide, and everyone grows up sometime. Neverland AU

A/N: Repeatinglitanies prompted this, I hope it turned out ok darling!

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Ficlet: Brighter Than Brass

Iambicdearie prompted: I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself king of infinite space were it not that I have bad dreams

Rumpelstiltskin could have made himself a king.

In fact, Regina had assumed that that was his intention, when he’d been so jubilant at her coronation. She’d had feverish, girlish imaginings of him murdering her cold bastard of a husband, and claiming his throne and his bed. She’d wanted that, long ago. She’d wanted to watch on, gleefully, as the darkness eclipsed a kingdom that had so prided itself on its light.

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Iambicdearie prompted: Sewing a shadow back on is harder than it looks, and it looks pretty hard, 


Something father/son-ish with Nealfire that isn’t going to make me want to curl up on the floor and die

Belle should be doing this.

Neal thought that, over and over, as he lifted his papa’s foot and surveyed the material he worked with. The shadow only needed to be attached, Rumpelstiltskin had said, quite clearly: it didn’t need to go through flesh. And good thing, too: after the nightmare with Pan and the dagger, Neal didn’t like the idea of anything cutting through his papa’s flesh, no matter how small or how needful a needle would have been.

Attached to the shoe would do: it was the magic infused in the words said and the intention of the act that would do the actual sewing.

Lucky for Rumpelstiltskin, Neal thought, looking up again at his papa’s profile. He  was distracted from Neal’s efforts, talking to Emma about arrangements for Henry’s renewed safety - the third such conversation this hour, in fact, a fact Neal was more glad of than he’d say out-loud - and so did not see the uncertainty on his son’s face. Neal was the only one Rumpelstiltskin would trust with this task, but for all Neal was flattered, it also put a massive burden of responsibility on his decidedly non-magical shoulders.

Belle should be doing this: she at least, apparently, knew how to sew. But no, she was all the way back in Storybrooke, and what papa’s apparently imaginary sinister ghost-Belle couldn’t show up now, when she was actually needed?

Finally, he sighed, and grabbed the ankle of the shadow perched on the log beside his papa. Rumpelstiltskin’s shadow was as impatient as its owner, tapping its foot against the ground soundlessly (and how did a two-dimensional being tap, exactly, much less manage to look condescending and imperious?), as it waited to be sewn back on to its master.

"You alright there, son?" Rumpelstiltskin looked down, at last, at his son. Neal managed a quick smile - they’d settled on ‘son’ as the name Rumpelstiltskin would use for him, because Neal couldn’t stomach ‘Bae’ any longer, and his papa wasn’t ready for ‘Neal’ quite yet - before frowning back at his appointed task, and finally spearing the heel of Rumpelstiltskin’s soft leather boot with his needle. He wove it through the insubstantial silk of the shadow’s foot also, and while Rumpelstiltskin held still and merely watched, the shadow started to reel its head around apprehensively.

"Hold it!" Neal barked, and Snow and Emma immediately grabbed the shadow’s arms, holding it still as hard as they could as Neal worked quickly, hoping the slipshod job would be enough to turn the trick.

Emma was watching, her eyes narrowed. “You stick your tongue out, like Henry does,” she commented, and Neal paused a second to glance up at her, an oddly proud smile on his face, before he continued.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, when he’s really focussing his tongue sticks out, I always wondered where that came from."

"Yeah well, genetics are a bitch," Neal returned, "at least he got the looks from your side of the family." Neal looked up at his papa, who was trying to ignore the thrashing of his shadow. "I mean my lot aren’t bad but we’re no Fairest Of Them All."

Snow winked at him, “Winning over the mother-in-law,” she praised, “nice going there, good luck with the other one.” 

Charming had taken up sulking, since he’d seen in practice the fact that his daughter knew, in fact, about the birds and the bees. The man had a grandson, Neal thought, as he struggled to get the needle through the thickest part of his papa’s boot, but it didn’t seem to have clicked that biological motherhood plus his daughter plus no test-tubes equalled her having had sex before. Multiple times. Since he’d seen Emma kiss not one but two different men since they’d come to Neverland - up close and personal a few times, Neal and Emma’s reunion had been anything but the awkward, stilted coldness of their meeting in New York this time, after all - he’d taken up sulking.

Snow found it funny, Emma found it exasperating, and Rumpelstiltskin and Neal were for once united in their combination of the two. With a healthy amount of fear on Neal’s part, thrown in for good measure: the man was a dragon-slayer, after all.

he finally finished the first foot, and lifted it into the light of the torch his papa held in one hand to survey his work.

"You missed a spot," Emma commented, dryly. Neal looked up at her, and raised an eyebrow.

"You still not over that?" he complained. 

She stuck her tongue out at him. “Bite me.”

"Gladly," Neal grinned, and Snow rolled her eyes.

"Not in front of the parents, please," she begged, "Or I’ll go join Charming under his thundercloud."

Rumpelstiltskin finally looked at her, his urge to needle the princess apparently stronger than his aversion to the weakening struggles of his shadow, “Is my boy not good enough for your daughter, princess?” he asked, mildly, but Neal knew that deceptive tone of voice, and pinched his father’s foot as he lifted it to start sewing, as a reminder to keep it civil. 

Belle should really, really be doing this.

Snow scoffed, “It’s the details I don’t need, okay?”

"Yeah I’d have said the same a year ago," Emma muttered. "He was helping you sleep, huh?"

"I was very tired," Snow responded, primly. "Could we be done soon?"

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"What you need is love"
"Love is hope, it fuels our dreams"

"What you need is love"

"Love is hope, it fuels our dreams"

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Title: Of Night Owls And Swansongs
Rating: R
Summary: "You think I’m the Saviour, Henry? Well he was. Your father was a real hero." - What if Emma hadn’t been lying when she told Henry that she’d met his father while working in an all-night diner, when Neal was training to be a fireman?

A/N: for Celina (all my Swanfire fic is for her, obvs) because she’s been so patient waiting for this!

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So I guess I missed it but were we ever explained how Philip even still exists? Like didn’t he get his soul sucked by a dementor?

What the shit, bro. I slept through that part, I guess.

I think we’ll get that in flashbacks maybe? I WANNA KNOW TOO


I am snowed under with uni work and extracurricular work and original writing and part-time job. 

But all I can think now is write all the fic.

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Fic: Swinging In The Backyard

Title: Swinging In The Backyard
Rating: NC-17 yo
Summary: Seventeen-year-old Lacey French is known in Storybrooke as a problem child, but no one knows about her greatest rebellion: her ‘relationship’ with the town’s most fearsome monster, Mr Gold.
A/N: pre-Emma teenage Golden Lace :D I missed writing dirty things yes I did!

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I love how they’ve got their whole magical avengers thing happening and then there’s Rumplestiltskin just wandering around by himself talking to hallucinations and being terrorised by a doll 

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But no godDAMN human!Rumple in his leathers IN HIGH DEF.

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If Belle had been in Snow's shoes in the Miller's Daughter episode, do you think she would have gone through with using the candle on Cora's heart (of course her motivation would be different)? Would Gold have asked her to do it? Or would he rather die than burden Belle with 'murder'? If Belle had done it, what would the aftermath be like for her and rumbelle?


To be honest, I’d like to think Belle could have done it, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve always been a little confused about her motives in not letting Rumple go after Regina in ‘Broken’. I understand that her character is not vengeful, but the explanation I settled on was that she didn’t want to let Rumpelstiltskin release that dark part of him for her sake, rather than a desire to let Regina go free for what she did.

Personally, I think she would have found another way. I KNOW that Rumple wouldn’t have asked her to do it like he did Snow: he values Belle’s goodness and purity above almost anything else, and corrupting her is something he’d never want a hand in. I think she’d more likely have vanished to his book collection and come out with a perfect solution within half an hour.

But if the candle were the only option? I think she’d do it. She would have killed the Yaogui, after all, if it hadn’t turned out to be Philip.

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