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Fic: Playing Dirty

Title: Playing Dirty
Rating: NC-17 doesn’t even cover it sufficiently…
Summary: Belle is becoming fond of a little magic here and there to smooth the bumps in her new life in Storybrooke. Rumpelstiltskin shows her just how much fun magic can really be.

Written for Sco’s prompt on the OUAT kinkmeme “Multiple forced orgasms and/or orgasm denial for Belle. Bonus if either (or both) is achieved by magic.” Let’s just say I got all the bonus points possible with this one… I might have to slap on a spontaneous fangirl combustion warning…


Belle had found a great many uses for her lover’s magic since it had returned.

Rumpelstiltskin was far happier to share and help with his spells, now that they were reunited and the balance had shifted. He trusted her utterly, completely, and so he did not mind helping her with her - ever increasing - problems in this new world, through spells and little quirks of power.

She had come to enjoy the teapot that poured itself, and the broom that swept if she smiled at it right. Her clothing naturally gravitated toward matching shoes and accessories, and her purse was always full.

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Unfilled Rumbelle Prompts from the OUATKinkmeme - Part 8 



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I’m pretty sure Rufeepeach filled the Gold wanks while Belle watches one.

Yep. I thought I posted on the meme as well?

Oh well, it’s called Crystallised Desires, anyway.

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I have a million fics already on the go.

But then:

Rumplestiltskin becomes jealous of Belle’s bravery, so he transforms her into a helpless little kitten, and takes her with him on one of his more dangerous deals. The curse can only be broken when she learns true fear.

Despite all the terrible things they encounter together, little Belle remains a kitten and Rumple starts to worry that he’s done something irreversible to her. It is not until Rumple is hurt that she turns back.

If you want to make it smutty, being a kink meme and all, maybe she can turn back into a human naked, and shenanigans resulting from newly-revealed feelings ensue?

Kittenfluff, then hurt/comfort fluff, then sexytimes.

Dear brain: you are an asshole. Sincerely, me.

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Rumbelle fanfiction fills from the OUATKinkmeme:


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Yeah… I wrote an embarrassing proportion of these…

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Fic: Crimson Ice and Strawberry Wine

Title: Crimson Ice and Strawberry Wine
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut, Romance, some fluffy angst
Summary: Mr Gold loves his ice cream, and it’s more than Isobel can bear. She decides to get payback.

I think Gold/Ice Cream has become my new OTP. Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme, and for schmoo999 who prompted ‘Strawberry wine’.

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Fic: Breaking Point

Title: Breaking Point
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, humor, smut
Word Count: 4424

Summary: Belle has been living with Mr Gold for six months, ever since the Mayor ‘saved’ her from the asylum. They’re happy, but there’s one problem: he’s treating her like she’s completely untouchable, and keeping his distance. Belle decides to correct that.

I originally posted this a few weeks ago on LiveJournal and FF.net, before I worked out how to use Tumblr. However, since my next fic comes as a sequel to this, I thought posting it here as well would be best.

If you stop after the kiss, it can be read as a high T rating.

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Fic: Collateral

Title: Collateral
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Humour, Fluff, Smut
Summary: One day Mr. Gold shows up on the French’s doorstep to collect his overdue payment. Moe isn’t home yet and Belle asks him to come inside to wait for him.

A/N: Double prompt this time: from the OUAT kinkmeme: ‘One day Mr. Gold shows up on the French’s doorstep to collect his overdue payment. Moe isn’t home yet and Belle asks him to come inside to wait for him. One thing leads to another and sexy times happens.

And from claireymil, who prompted ‘the tea service’. I do hope they don’t mind that it’s smut… if you stop after the kiss it can be made T rated.

The man on the doorstep is slim, smiling and absolutely terrifying.

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