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Fic: Breathing

Title: Breathing
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Belle finds herself with Rumpelstiltskin’s hands on her waist, and his breath in her ear, and really, where is the harm in allowing both of them what they’re craving? She’s already promise forever, after all.

Based on this deleted scene from Skin Deep that has been making the round. Essentially the smutty version of what could have come after.

Also for Crankynerdgirl, who asked for sex on the dining room table as a reward for her Spice Girls!Au fic. Sorry it took so long!


He kept all the mirrors covered, and she had her suspicions as to why.

It was his home, and they lived by his laws, and she had accepted that fact when she first arrived. Belle was never a particularly vain girl anyway; she hadn’t been one to spend hours in front of a mirror, even back home and before the war.

But a looking glass might have been nice, she thought, just occasionally. She would like to know what it was her employer saw, when she came down the stairs each morning. She would like to make sure that the blue dress she re-hemmed and stitched for housework fit properly, and that the blouse she wore was clean even in the places she couldn’t see on her own.

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I’ve just died and gone to heaven.

No, this is hell. 

This is a hell of feelings and sexual tension and heartbreak and joy. 

Oh wait, no. 

Just Rumbelle. 

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