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Any of my Rumbelle ‘verses (Time of Day, Rabbits, Not Quite Yet, Bounty Hunter!Belle ect), plus any other OUAT pairing are up for grabs!

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Mad Swan bringing home the first baby. Or Belle conducting interviews for a new assistant to Rumple.

I didn’t get to them bringing baby home, so here’s some pregnancy fluff!

Also for Val who’s identity can never be questioned because ‘fucking awesome phoenix’ will always be accurate :D


Emma had nixed ‘Alice’ as their daughter’s name. For all she had finally accepted her own - and her husband’s - strange heritage, she refused to give their fresh start a name from the past.

Jefferson had argued, right up until she had suggested ‘Mary’. He wouldn’t name his child for a lie in a curse, either, no matter how much the woman who’d born that name had meant to his wife. Emma loved her mother with all her heart, but Jefferson knew how, somewhere deep in her soul, his wife also missed her lost best friend. Snow was everything Emma could have asked for in a mother, but she wasn’t Mary Margaret, not anymore.

They’d fallen into silence, then, both unable to think of a better alternative. Grace and Henry were staying with Snow and Charming, in preparation for Emma’s labor beginning any hour now. It wasn’t: it was as if their daughter wouldn’t come into the world nameless, no matter how much her parents begged her.

"We could call her Spot," Emma suggested, her voice loud in the nervous silence that had descended. "After the night we met."

"You mean the night we’re never going to tell her about?" Jefferson raised an eyebrow, "Oh, yes sweetheart, it’s a lovely story! Mommy and daddy met when daddy went mad for a while and kidnapped grandma. Grandma was on the run because every one thought she’d murdered grandad’s fake wife, so daddy held grandma hostage and put a gun to mommy’s head. But mommy found it weirdly hot so it was ok-" he was cut off when Emma thumped him hard on the forearm.

"Fine! We won’t tell her that story!"

"What about the one where I come off all romantic and dashing?" he leaned in close, and she gave him a sideways look, wondering as always what he was up to. He was always up to something. "Where I showed up at your door every day after the curse broke, waiting for the prince to say he’d gotten you back?"

"He never told me that," Emma shook her head, breathless now not just from the child kicking in her belly. Jefferson’s hand joined hers on the rise of her stomach, and they both smiled.

"How do you think I knew when to start leaving the roses for you?" he asked, softly. "Or why your father didn’t go on the warpath because of them?"

"You were waiting for me?"

"You saved me, and Grace, and everyone else from hell, Emma," he shook his head. "I’d have waited my whole life for you." He laughed, and where once it might have been bitter, now it was just a little rueful, "I’m good at it, after all."

"That story we can tell her," Emma nodded, "definitely."

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Completely blocked

Send me prompts/character questions/meta and I’ll try to answer. HELP ME OUT GUISE?

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Ugh I missed this ship yes I did.

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Do you still ship Mad Swan?


I do, and I want Mad Swan to be the rival ship not Captain Swan, because BONDING OVER ESTRANGED CHILDREN AND TEA PARTIES AND OPPOSITES ATTRACT AND UUGH FEELINGS. Cause she’s this skeptic, realistic, sarcastic type, and he started out that way, but then somewhere he became more emotional, committed, and I think he still has that wicked sense of fun which Emma needs. Shipping it forever, tbh.

But with Seb so rarely on the show and with Swan Thief/Swanfire cuteness increasing (and my neverending love for Neal :D), I’m less of an active Mad Swan shipper these days. Just because there’s no development and little to work with, and they get eclipsed by Swanfire now. I do still love them to pieces, though! :D

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Ficlet: Unpredictable

"We’re calling it March." Jefferson says, pacing, "Boy or girl."

"We don’t even know if there’s a kid to name yet," Emma scowls, sitting on the toilet, the pregnancy test carefully out of either of their sight, "And we’re not calling it anything fairytale-y. Nope. Plus you got to name Grace; I had my mom’s attempted murderer name my son after the man she killed to send a whole world to hell. I get to name this one." She sighs, the fight draining out of her "I don’t even understand how this happened…"

Jefferson gives a low chuckle, and raises an eyebrow, “What part between the lingerie and the handcuffs didn’t you understand?”

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First day rebellion (open for mini-prompts :D)

I am going NaNo rebel… on day one.

Mainly because my original characters are sulking and I can’t be arsed talking them around today. So I’m taking mini-prompts for a few hours to boost word count :D

Any pairing you like, especially if you know I ship it!

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Doing an hour of mini-AUs

Because headache and I need a distraction.

And GO!

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Re-re-blogging this because it’s awesome… I love it so much!!!

ALL my Jefferson feels. Poor damaged, crazy baby <3

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Collection of Mini AU’s - Mad Swan

Here are the Mad Swan prompt fills I did last night.

Send an ask to prompt a possible full fic!

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Fic: Lion Cub

Title: Lion Cub
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Pairing: Married!Mad Swan, with Henry and Grace
Summary: In which Grace is bullied, Henry is a hero and Emma and Jefferson spy on their babies from the bushes.

I suppose you could take Skeptics and True Believers as background, but you don’t need to have read it to follow this. Post-curse break, everyone remembers who they were.

Marchie prompted: “Coffee or tea?”  and “A cry for help”
Anon prompted: Emma, Jefferson, Henry and Grace have breakfast together


Emma refuses to drink tea with her husband.

Bad memories, she supposes, not to mention a lifetime addicted to coffee. Henry understands, doesn’t question – although he takes his willingly from his stepfather with milk and two sugars - but Grace frowns everyday when her stepmother turns down the same.

Jefferson just smirks. Of course he understands why, why when they first lived together she tiptoed around the kitchen like everything was poisonous, why she disinfected every coffee mug and teacup he had before she drank from them.

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Fic: Necromancy by Degrees

So here it is: the final chapter of my Mad Swan fic, ‘Skeptics and True Believers’.

In which Gold and Emma strike a kind of truce, and Emma and Jefferson learn a few things, and Belle is comatose on a sofa. Follows on from ‘Stone Walls and Top Hats’.

Full chapter listing at my masterlist.

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading this and following along! You guys are amazing and beautiful, and I want to hug every last one of you!

accio-firewhiskey prompted: A Dartboard for Witches

Necromancy by Degrees

Emma gets a 911 call as soon as she gets back to the station.

One of Mr Gold’s neighbours: another domestic disturbance. She’s wanted a word with him since the asylum, but that was hours ago and the man knows how to disappear.

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Fic: Stone Walls and Top Hats

A/N: Part of my Mad Swan series ‘Skeptics and True Believers’, follows on from ‘Light In All the Darkness’. The penultimate chapter! In which there is Helle, Rumbelle, Gold talking sense into Emma, and Henry being adorable.

Full chapter listing at my masterlist.

Claireymil prompted: ‘Hope is the thing with feathers’

Stone Walls and Top Hats

Emma drops Paige back at home. She hopes that, one day, she can allow Jefferson to be in the same room with the girl without having to keep them apart. A part of her is starting to think there really is more to this than meets the eye, more strangeness on this Earth than she’d allowed herself to dream.

Henry’s delighted, of course.

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Prompt me?

My ask box is open for prompts! Lay em on me!

As random and weird as you like!

Just a few guidelines:

  1. The shorter the better: fully-fledged plots are less likely to inspire anything. Of course, you can still submit a full plot if you want, but it’s just less likely to be filled. Cy’s ‘five words’ rule is probably a decent guideline.

  2. If you have any ship preferences - e.g, you hate Mad Swan, only like Rumbelle ect - or don’t want to be used in smut, please tell me in your ask. Otherwise, I’ll assume you don’t care.

  3. Anonymous is fine, but I won’t know who to credit.

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