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Ficlet: Unpredictable

"We’re calling it March." Jefferson says, pacing, "Boy or girl."

"We don’t even know if there’s a kid to name yet," Emma scowls, sitting on the toilet, the pregnancy test carefully out of either of their sight, "And we’re not calling it anything fairytale-y. Nope. Plus you got to name Grace; I had my mom’s attempted murderer name my son after the man she killed to send a whole world to hell. I get to name this one." She sighs, the fight draining out of her "I don’t even understand how this happened…"

Jefferson gives a low chuckle, and raises an eyebrow, “What part between the lingerie and the handcuffs didn’t you understand?”

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Fic: Rumour Has It - Chapter 3

AU: Because of one little lie, everyone at Storybrooke University now thinks that Belle Charmin is sleeping around, and Professor Gold, the only guy who seems to believe her innocence, is totally off limits. Easy A!AU.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13


Rumour Has It

Chapter 2


Regina had heard of me: I was famous, and in some ways I still am. And this was even before the real acceleration started, when I was just one of many girls on campus known for somewhat… easy virtue.

I was, I think the first girl she’d ever spoken to like that who gave the same kind of treatment right back. I just refuse to be spoken to like I’m nothing, especially from judgemental bitches who don’t know a thing about me, my life, or what I do in my free time.

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Fic: Lion Cub

Title: Lion Cub
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Pairing: Married!Mad Swan, with Henry and Grace
Summary: In which Grace is bullied, Henry is a hero and Emma and Jefferson spy on their babies from the bushes.

I suppose you could take Skeptics and True Believers as background, but you don’t need to have read it to follow this. Post-curse break, everyone remembers who they were.

Marchie prompted: “Coffee or tea?”  and “A cry for help”
Anon prompted: Emma, Jefferson, Henry and Grace have breakfast together


Emma refuses to drink tea with her husband.

Bad memories, she supposes, not to mention a lifetime addicted to coffee. Henry understands, doesn’t question – although he takes his willingly from his stepfather with milk and two sugars - but Grace frowns everyday when her stepmother turns down the same.

Jefferson just smirks. Of course he understands why, why when they first lived together she tiptoed around the kitchen like everything was poisonous, why she disinfected every coffee mug and teacup he had before she drank from them.

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Fic: Necromancy by Degrees

So here it is: the final chapter of my Mad Swan fic, ‘Skeptics and True Believers’.

In which Gold and Emma strike a kind of truce, and Emma and Jefferson learn a few things, and Belle is comatose on a sofa. Follows on from ‘Stone Walls and Top Hats’.

Full chapter listing at my masterlist.

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading this and following along! You guys are amazing and beautiful, and I want to hug every last one of you!

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Necromancy by Degrees

Emma gets a 911 call as soon as she gets back to the station.

One of Mr Gold’s neighbours: another domestic disturbance. She’s wanted a word with him since the asylum, but that was hours ago and the man knows how to disappear.

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Fic: Stone Walls and Top Hats

A/N: Part of my Mad Swan series ‘Skeptics and True Believers’, follows on from ‘Light In All the Darkness’. The penultimate chapter! In which there is Helle, Rumbelle, Gold talking sense into Emma, and Henry being adorable.

Full chapter listing at my masterlist.

Claireymil prompted: ‘Hope is the thing with feathers’

Stone Walls and Top Hats

Emma drops Paige back at home. She hopes that, one day, she can allow Jefferson to be in the same room with the girl without having to keep them apart. A part of her is starting to think there really is more to this than meets the eye, more strangeness on this Earth than she’d allowed herself to dream.

Henry’s delighted, of course.

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Fic: Light In All the Darkness

Part 5 of my Mad Swan fic ‘Skeptics and True Believers’, follows on from ‘A Hand to Hold' Wherein we have Helle friendship, and Grace/Paige actually gets lines.

(Full chapter listing at my masterlist)

Light In All The Darkness

Regina comes in the middle of the day, when she knows Emma will be at work.

Jefferson is trusted to stay in Granny’s, where Ruby can keep an eye on him. If he leaves, Granny calls the Sheriff and she’s there in a heartbeat.

When the phone rings, and Emma picks it up, she expects to hear that he’s gone outside and disappeared, or that he’s harassed a customer. He gives people the creeps, she knows that, but people have come to accept that he’s her responsibility and that she’ll deal with it.

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Fic: A Hand to Hold

Part four of my Mad Swan series ‘Skeptics and True Believers’, featuring Archie Hopper. Follows on from ‘Cages and Keys.
(full chapter listing at my master list)

Thank you to everyone who is reading this and following along! I love all of you guys.

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A Hand to Hold

Emma walks Jefferson to his first meeting with Dr Hopper, and even offers to wait outside.

She hopes he won’t do something drastic in the time between her leaving him and them meeting up again. She’s actually reached a point where doesn’t think that he’ll drug her again – but she still doesn’t eat anything she didn’t buy and prepare herself – or that he’s going to break any laws or stab her in the back.

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Fic: Cages and Keys

Part 3 of my Mad Swan series ‘Skeptics and True Believers’, featuring Mr Gold and ice cream. Unfortunately not in the same scene, but still. Follows on from ‘Patchwork Sanctuary
(full chapter listing at my master list)

Cages and Keys

She has to go and pick up Henry.

Regina calls her – that’s the weirdest thing all on its own – and says that Henry’s sick and she can’t collect him, and while it’s killing her to ask this, she needs her help.

As Sheriff, she occasionally has to ferry sick kids home from school: it’s never been her own kid before. The idea of picking him up from school, of having some actual time with him without Regina’s watchful, judgmental eyes, brings a new brightness to her smile, a spring to her step.

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Fic: Patchwork Sanctuary

I’ve had to delete and resubmit this three times now because the tags weren’t working. It’s driving me crazy! Anyway, this is part 2 of my Mad Swan series ‘Skeptics and True Believers’, and it follows on from ‘Like Bites of Poisoned Fruit

(full chapter listing at my master list)

Patchwork Sanctuary

She lets him stay.

It was his smile that did it, when she said he could stay the night so long as he let her handcuff him to Mary Margaret’s bed, so he couldn’t get up and kill her in the middle of the night.

It’s the most stupid, dangerous, pointless thing she’s ever done, but she does it anyway.

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I found my Mad Swan voice

And have written 3,660 words of a massive fic for them today.

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