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Fic: Lion Cub

Title: Lion Cub
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Pairing: Married!Mad Swan, with Henry and Grace
Summary: In which Grace is bullied, Henry is a hero and Emma and Jefferson spy on their babies from the bushes.

I suppose you could take Skeptics and True Believers as background, but you don’t need to have read it to follow this. Post-curse break, everyone remembers who they were.

Marchie prompted: “Coffee or tea?”  and “A cry for help”
Anon prompted: Emma, Jefferson, Henry and Grace have breakfast together


Emma refuses to drink tea with her husband.

Bad memories, she supposes, not to mention a lifetime addicted to coffee. Henry understands, doesn’t question – although he takes his willingly from his stepfather with milk and two sugars - but Grace frowns everyday when her stepmother turns down the same.

Jefferson just smirks. Of course he understands why, why when they first lived together she tiptoed around the kitchen like everything was poisonous, why she disinfected every coffee mug and teacup he had before she drank from them.

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