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Fic: Old Names And New Titles

Title: Old Names And New Titles
Rating: PG-13 max, probably less
Summary: Belle jumps at the chance to babysit Henry for the night: Gold finds out why.

For Ched, who asked for fluff, and for Rum reading to Belle. The excerpts are from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ by Diana Wynne Jones. And fair warning: this will give you cavities.


Rumpelstiltskin cannot understand how they ended up watching over the Saviour’s child for the evening.

Really, little Henry has more family in Storybrooke than one could shake a magic wand at, what with his grandparents, his mother, and all of their extended relations. Rumpelstiltskin might be one of the few men in town who is not, in some way, related to the others: even Red Riding Hood has been adopted by Snow White as a royal sister.

But somehow, everyone is too busy to look after the young man tonight. Emma is visiting with Jefferson the Hatter - she says it’s a call to check on the family, ensure that Grace is alright with her less-than-stable father, but the Saviour took a bottle of wine with her - and Snow White and Prince James are… otherwise occupied.

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