Never trust free fruit
And the worry cracks a fracture from your hip to your chest
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red cricket, shopping for condoms :D

Archie looked at the box in Ruby’s hands, and flushed as red as her namesake, “Nothing cherry flavored,” he stipulated, “Or flavored at all, really, or… definitely not glow in the dark, no!”

She put down the bright red package with a sigh, and moved them quickly down the aisle to where the boring, normal packets of Trojan awaited them, “I’m buying the cherry ones,” she whispered, “And then we’re going to go home, you’re going to get drunk, I’m going to get on my knees, and you’re going to be very glad I know what’s best.”

He swallowed hard and nodded, and she laughed, wickedly, pressing a hot kiss to his lips and depositing the boxes into their basket: he always agreed with her, when she phrased things right.

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Fic: No time like the present

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Hmmm, never prompted you some Red Cricket so, yeah, Red Cricket - family fluff

Archie - he’s not Jiminy, not anymore, no more than Ruby is simply Red, and he’s glad of that every day - is well aware of how predictable the anger of a son toward his father is. He should have been prepared, he thinks, as he dodges another flying chipolata sausage, for the wrath of his child.

And yet, it still takes him by surprise. Ben has a good arm on him - Archie is oddly proud of that: he takes after his mother’s athleticism, apparently - and he almost nails his father between the eyes with his next throw.

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Ficlet: Thorough

"About what?" Belle asked, half-feigning confusion in the hopes her friend would be thrown off the scent. No such luck.

"You and Gold! Or Rumpelstiltskin or… I don’t know, but you and him."

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Ruby and Archie-- OUAT

His ears turn red when she brings him his coffee, and she leans over the table a little more than usual. He’s not trying to look, he’s not, but when his eyes stray just a little by accident her laughter, that satisfied smile on her cherry lips, is more than worth it. He’s in at eight every day, bang on, and she’s always ready with a cup for him.

The day he doesn’t come, he’s busy with patient files. She comes to him, brings his coffee as take-out. She doesn’t admit that she missed him; he doesn’t admit that he wondered if she would. His secretary catches them in a very compromising position on the couch; the coffee goes cold.

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Fic: Rumour Has It - Chapter 3

AU: Because of one little lie, everyone at Storybrooke University now thinks that Belle Charmin is sleeping around, and Professor Gold, the only guy who seems to believe her innocence, is totally off limits. Easy A!AU.

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Rumour Has It

Chapter 2


Regina had heard of me: I was famous, and in some ways I still am. And this was even before the real acceleration started, when I was just one of many girls on campus known for somewhat… easy virtue.

I was, I think the first girl she’d ever spoken to like that who gave the same kind of treatment right back. I just refuse to be spoken to like I’m nothing, especially from judgemental bitches who don’t know a thing about me, my life, or what I do in my free time.

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